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  • Fertilizers

  • Fertilizers replace the chemical components that are taken from the soil by growing plants. However, they are also designed to improve the growing potential of soil, and fertilizers can create a better growing environment than natural soil. They can also be tailored to suit the type of crop that is being grown. Typically, fertilizers are composed of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compounds. They also contain trace elements that improve the growth of plants.

    At Keep It Green we use many different types of fertilizers based on the type of season.  Some of the factors that impact our decision on the types of fertilizer we use are average temperatures, soil temperature, time of the season, & goals of each treatment.  For instance, a year that we may have a drought would result in us using a very slow release fertilizer. This would help insure that it doesn't damage the lawn and our goal would be to help insure that the treatment actually brings the lawn out of dormancy safely when the lawn is ready.

    We also use various Organic Fertilizers to meet the needs of our clients whom are making an effort to Go Green.  There are many organic fertilizer available and they typically cost an average of 2-4x more per bag than a standard fertilizer would cost.  Being that there is such a cost increase for organic products, we typically don't push to sell this product unless our client shows interest.

    Depending on the treatment that we do, we switch up between liquid and granular fertilizers to help keep your lawn at its best possible health and able to adapt to climate & environmental changes effectively.