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  • Crab Tree Programs

    Keep your Crab Apple Trees looking beautiful by signing up for one of our Crab Tree Programs. Our Fungicide Applications typically consist of 3 Applications well timed out in the Spring and are very effective at preventing Apple Scab. Call for details!

  • Lawn Care Programs

    We specialize in lawn care programs to treat commercial & residential customers. A variety of lawn care programs are available to address any problem for any customers.  Organic lawn care solutions are also available!  We work with many customers so we understand that some of you may wish to have a more custom solution.  Please understand that we will do everything we can to work with you and meet your needs.

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  • Tree Care Programs

    We provide many services to ensure the well being of your Trees & Shrubs.  The main Trees & Shrubs that we Protect are Crab Trees(apple scab), Ash Trees(EAB), Austrian Pines(Diplodia Tip Blight & Needle Cast Disease, & Zimmerman Pine Moths), Soil Feedings to Shrubs/ Young Trees, & Soil Drench to primarily Sumac. 

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  • If you don't treat your trees they just might disappear. Japanese Beetles have been known to take all the life from many trees and plants throughout Wisconsin.  If you have Birch Trees, Linden Trees, Crab Trees, or Rose Bushes I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about.  We have very effective treatment programs to help keep these trees protected.  We can also treat your trees for disease at the same time using fungicides.  Other insects we help protect against are MOSQUITOES, FLEAS, TICKS, GRUBS, CHINCH BUGS, & EMERALD ASH BORER.

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  • Lawn Renovation

    Have us restore your lawn back to full health.  Get a free consultation to evaluate the best options for bring your lawn back to full health. Whether you need Overseeding, Slitseeding, Aeration, Topsoil, Straw Mat, etc... let us give you the best recommendation.  With 21 years of experience we have experienced Management that can provide you with the best possible solutions.

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  • Our Technicians are highly experienced, turf grass professionals with many years of experience in the lawn care industry

    We strive to provide the best service possible which is why we train and make sure each of our technicians are certified and have a high knowledge base referencing the industry of lawn care. Our technicians use the best equipment and products available to help ensure that our work stands out above our competitors.

    We are also partnered and work with other Lawn Care companies. This is important because it allows us to bounce ideas off each other and make certain we are providing the best service possible given that every year can be different. Give us a chance to prove that our lawn care service and other services show outstanding results.

  • Individual Lawn Treatment Services

  • Improve the overall health of your lawn by helping your lawns root system!

  • Make your lawn look like the best one in the subdivision!

  • Thicken up your lawn with some fresh life!

  • Try a more advanced seed restoration solution!