• Overseeding is a very important procedure to keep your lawn in great condition or to improve its condition.  Unfortunately many customers assume that fertilizer is all that is needed to keep a turf thick and free of weeds. The truth is, grass gets old and it needs to be revitalized every couple years. When doing overseeding you can expect that 10% of the seed on average will germinate. Now results can be improved if you do it after a mowing & aeration.  It is also recommended to include a fertilizer treatment near the time of the application.  This will help activate the seed.
  • Overseeding promotes a thick and luscious lawn.  With new growth comes a dark green appearance due to the energy the lawn produces to create new growth. Another benefit is that you will actually have fewer weeds naturally if you have a thicker and healthier lawn.
  • Scientists have found that after 5-6 years, grass tends to slow down its rate of growth which is another reason your lawn needs some new seed regularly. Overseeding compensates for that natural slow down of the turf’s reproduction. Overseeding also can limit the risk of lawn disease because the new growth wont have as much time to catch various diseases.  Old grass has been there so long that it encounters a lot more environmental changes which promote disease.
  • The best time to overseed your lawn is in early September however it is also very beneficial should you choose to do it in Spring.
  • We encourage our customers to do an overseeding every other year. To save a some money, even you doing selective overseeding yourself in areas needing help is advised following our aeration.
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