De-thatching removes/reduces the thick layer of dead plant material (thatch). This allows air, water, and nutrients to reach your plants and soil again. There are two types of de-thatching that can be done. One option is to rent a de-thatcher from your local rental place and that will likely be a powered de-thatcher. You need to ensure you use caution when using this style of thatcher because sometimes they can actually cause damage to the lawn. You can get very good results with this method but be sure to get this done before your first lawn treatment.  The other style of de-thatcher is a soft tine de-thatcher.  Like shown in the photo, this method removes only a portion of thatch.  This is often important because having some thatch can still be beneficial and this method is less stressful on the lawn.  We as a company believe the best time of year to do this service is prior to the growing season in early spring so typically prior to the lawn needing it’s first cut.  That being said, there is a very short window for this type of service which means we only take on a very few dethatching each year.  Please note if you have a smaller yard, it may be more advantageous to rent the first mentioned machine as it can do smaller areas much more effective.  We can say, the clients that do the dethatching each year in conjunction with our lawn program tend to have the greenest yards on their block each year. Let us know if you need a quote!

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